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Snuff Videos 

On this page, we'll both share links to YouTube channels and other sources of videos on snuff tobacco, and we'll also embed videos that we believe would helpful or interesting to those visiting our site.  Please scroll down to see all of the video resources at your disposal.

YouTube Channels of Note

Snuff Begins - Lots of snuff reviews, snuff accessories reviews, and information about snuff-taking.  Also dabbles in pipe-smoking.

Mr. Michael Snuff - Lots of snuff reviews, and couple of informative videos about snuff-taking.

Inna Pinch - A snuff review channel created by Hitsuzen for both snuff and cigars.  This is a brand-new channel.  More to come!

Michael Dodson - Lots of snuff reviews, and all within the last year.

Tony Snuff - Lots of snuff reviews just over the past two years.

Paul Shallbetter - Lots of snuff reviews.  Paul calls himself "Uncle Squinty," and is fairly odd in a good way. Dabbles in pipe-smoking.

Snuffanybody Mac Feegle - Fairly new channel, but lots of snuff reviews posted already.

Puff-n-Snuff - Both snuff and pipe tobacco reviews by Ian Bowman, and his snuff reviews are clearly labelled as such. 

Pete's Snus and Snuff Reviews - Mainly snuff reviews, with a few snus-related videos.

Joe Snuffer - Mainly snuff reviews.

Paul Engle - A fair number of snuff reviews.  The gentleman says he doesn't use snuff as much anymore, but his videos are still there.

Masked Hedonist - Snuff reviews by a woman snuff-taker.  Only six reviews, and all of them 4 years old, but its the only woman I found.

Terry Brigner - Reviews snuff, dip, and vaping.

Individual Videos of Note

Coming Soon...



Embedded Videos Worth Watching

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