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As you scroll down you will find links on a wide variety of topics surrounding snuff tobacco.  We're always looking to add more, so please send your suggestions to  Thanks!

On-line Snuff Suppliers

Mr. Snuff - Wide variety of snuffs from all over the world.
Snuff Store - Wide variety of snuffs from all over the world.
Snuff.Me.UK - Mostly English, German, and Scandinavian snuff.
My Smoking Shop - An English site, they can't ship to the USA.

Snuff Forums, Message Board, Communities

Snuffhouse - Only English-speaking snuff forum
Schnupftabakfreunde - German "snuff friends" forum
Modern Snuff Group  - Facebook
Nasal Snuff Takers Group - Facebook

Snuff Brand Websites

American Snuff Brands
     American Snuff Co.  - USA
     Gadsden Snuff Mill - USA - Artisan
     Old Mill Artisan Snuff  - USA - Artisan
     Swisher International, Inc. - USA
     U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. - USA
English Snuff Brands
     Abraxas - English
     Buzz - Mr. Snuff Exclusive  - English for USA Market
     Fribourg & Treyer by Wilson - English
     Gawith Hoggarth - English
     Hedges, The Snuff - English
     J&H Wilson Ltd. - English
     McCrystal's - English
     Samual Gawith  - English
     Silver Dollar Snuff  - English for USA Market
     Sir Walter Scott's - English
     Snuff Store - Mr. Snuff Exclusive - English
     Toque Snuff - English
     Viking Snuff - English
     Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) Ltd. - English  (online store)
German Snuff Brands
Indian Snuff Brands
     6 Photo Snuff - India
     7 Photo Snuff - India
     41 Photo Snuff - India
     Blast! - India for the USA Market
     Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd. - India
     F.U.B.A.R. - India for USA Market
     QSnuff - India for USA Market
     Rockit! Snuff - India for USA Market
     She - India for the USA Market
     Tej Ram Dharam Paul - India
     Temptation - India for the USA Market
     Wow! - India for the USA Market
Belgian Snuff Brands
     Makla Snuff - Belgium
Dutch Snuff Brands
     De Kralingse Snuff - Netherlands

Snuff Containers and Snuff Boxes

Ruby Lane Vintage - Beautiful old snuff boxes and snuff bottles.
Specialty Bottle - All kinds of small inexpensive metal containers.

Useful Tools 

New Snuff Database for Android   - I tested this successfully

Interesting Blog Posts 

"What is it Like to Take Snuff?"  - John Castle
"First Experience with Nasal Snuff" - Erin McRoy


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