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Books on Snuff Tobacco 

There are many amazing old books about snuff tobacco.  If you click on the titles below, a digital PDF of the book will open.  You can also download the PDF to read it later on your computer or tablet.  When available, we've also provided an epub version of the book for you to download.

A Day at a Tobacco and Snuff Factory by George Dodd - This is actually an exerpt from an 1843 book titled "A Day at the Factories."  The chosen chapter details the process of making snuff, from planting to final product. 

Mock Heroics on Snuff, Tobacco, and Gin by Joseph Nightinggale - This book of poetry was written in 1822 under the psuedonym J. Elagnitin.  Joseph Nightingale (1775-1824) was a prolific English writer and preacher. He was particularly noted for his topographic writing and his interest in shorthand.  ( epub )

Old Snuff House of Fribourg & Treyer by George Evans - Written in 1920 on the 200th anniversary of Fribourg & Trayer, this book is full of history and insights on the subject of snuff tobacco.

A Paper: Of Tobacco with a Critical Essay on Snuff by Joseph Fume - This 1839 book discusses tobacco in general, but snuff specifically on pages 183-201 of the PDF (pages 150-165 in the original page numbering.

A Pinch of Snuff, Anecdotes of Snuff Taking by Benson Earl Hill - This book of anecdotes and facts about snuff was written in 1840 under the psyedonyn Pollexenes Digit Snift, the Dean of Brazen-Nose.  I could not find much about the author, but the book is full of interesting details, stories, and humor.  ( epub)

The Smokers', Chewer's & Snuff Taker's Companion by Anonymous.  Written in 1841, the book has sections on snuff and snuff-boxes on pages 45-48 of the PDF (pages 40-43 in the original page numbering).

Snuff & Snuff-Takers by George T. Fisher - Written in a humorous style, this book from 1846, covers the history of snuff, it varieties, methods of snuffing, and a lot more.  It also it includes a "Dissertation on the Poetry of Sneezing."

Tobacco & Snuff, L.S.D., Potatoes, and Other Poems by Amasa Armstrong - Written in 1840 the book features a verse dialogue between a smoker (Mr. Weed) and snuffer (Dr. Dust), where they debate the merits and nuisances of each habit.

Tobacco, Its History & Associations by Frederick William Fairholt - Written in 1859, the book is a fairly comprehensive examination of tobacco, its history, and its uses.  The author (1814-1866) was an English antiquary and wood engraver, and the book includes 100 illustrations by the author.  Chapter 5 deals specifically with snuff and snuff-boxes.

A Year for Aggressive Marketing by Sonia Roberts - This is a magazine article from Tobacco magazine from August of 1981.  It discusses the snuff industry's position in the tobacco market in 1981, and the projected growth they foresaw with studies coming out suggesting the relative safety of snuff over other methods of using tobacco. 

Many more books coming soon.  To be continued...

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