You are Stuck on a Deserted Island....?

Sorry.  But, I love hypothetical questions.

Let's say you were stuck on a deserted island, and a box washes ashore filled with snuff.  What brand and flavor of snuff would you choose it to be?  You have to choose only one snuff.  And that's the only snuff you'll get to use for years on end.  Which snuff would it be?

(If you want to share your 2nd and 3rd place snuffs, feel free!)


Mark Stinson


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Member, Moderator
    I would have to go with Blue Crest. I would say SWS Creme De Figue, but in the humid conditions I would expect to find in such a place, the stuff would sprout mold way too quickly.
  • Gavan Member
    white eleaphant.
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