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The season is upon us! Happy 2016, cigar geeks! I'll get us rolling.

Last night, while chatting with my Danish friend, I burned my first stick of the year. It was a Gurkha Ghost Shadow that spent the cold winter cozied up in my humi. Deep cocoa, cedar, and a very earthy cinnamon. Would have loved to see it in a fuller body, but the smoke was chewy and delicious, and it put me in a good mood. Burn time was about 1 hour 10 minutes.


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    @bigmick Hmmm, no, not really anything that will remind you of a good VA. A few sticks pop to mind in the medium to light-medium body range that for some reason I feel compelled to recommend to you. Avo Uvezian Classico No9, Carlos Toranos Exodus, Arturo Fuente Chateaux Rothschild, Perdomo Gran Cruz, Nicks Sticks Little Havana (which is a budget line by Perdomo, but still my favorite Perdomo). I can get anything on that list locally, so if you have a hard time finding any, PM me and we could work out a trade. I'm sure there are loads more I could recommend, but I'm at work right now and my concentration is limited.
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    La Aurora 100 Años. Started out almost flavorless, with a really wonky burn line and tight draw. Like someone pushed a magic button though, at the end of the first third the burn line straightened out, it developed the flavors of toast and butter, and while the draw remained tight, smoke production amped up to the point of being almost chewy! Towards the nub, I started getting cinnamon on the retrohale. I wish I remember who I traded for this, but it was last year and I trade alot.
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