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Is it just me, or do any of you find your nicotine in snuffs that aren't on the "strongest snuffs" list?  Early on, I was eagerly buying the ones known to be strong, only to be underwhelmed.  Granted, nasal snuff by nature isn't likely to lend a buzz to anyone who smokes or dips. 

TPS Madras is in my nose now, and this isn't the first time I've decided that this is the strongest snuff in my collection.  Maybe it's just me, but maybe not.  Maybe the ghee is doing something magical for the nicotine availability - I sure don't know the science.  Nicotine content is apparently not the only factor to consider.  The pH has something to do with nicotine availability from what I've been reading (probably old news), so snuff with a higher nicotine content might not necessarily deliver the most nicotine.  We need an expert scientist in the community to run some tests!  Any thoughts?  Theories?  Facts?


  • Mark_StinsonMark_Stinson Administrator
    I agree with you Sean.  Its sort of complex, and a lot of things go into it, including the ph issue you mentioned.

    --The finer the grind, the more easily and more quickly the nicotine is delivered.

    --The more you take, and are able to take, the more snuff you'll have in your nose...and more nicotine.

    --Frequency is also a factor.  The more snuff over time you deliver, the more nicotine.

    So, a snuff with reported high nicotine content, if I don't enjoy it that much, will be taken in smaller quantities and less often.

    But a snuff that I really love, may end up in my nose in much higher quantities, and at a high frequency, giving me more nicotine.

    Viking Dark is a good example of that.  I can take large quantities of it, and I can take doses every couple minutes for quite awhile.  I get a good brew of snuff going on up there, and can feel it even though I'm a regular snus-user.

    But, I don't enjoy White Elephant that much, and can't take it in large quantities, or I never get that nice brew going that can overcome my snus-born tolerance.

    Anyhow, that's my musings on the topic.  :-)

    Mark Stinson
  • Sounds right on to me @Mark_Stinson.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Member, Moderator
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    I've grown to love the sniffs that have a delayed nicotine delivery. The MDK Latakia Ao 1860 I have in my nose right now is a great example. In the first ten minutes, I get little to no nicotine at all, but then slowly it creeps in and seems to stay at a great mood elevating peak for quite some time afterwards. I can think of other examples, too. The majority of Old Mill snuffs do the same thing, as well as some "stickier" snuffs like SWS Thrice Brewed and Creme De Figue. For the record, though, @SeanOCDPx, Madras snuffs are very satisfying nic bombs.
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