Snuff Cocktails

HitsuzenHitsuzen Member, Moderator
DAG!!!! I AM SO RXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!!! So a around a year ago I made a mixture of my three favorite snuffs at the time. It was so long ago I honestly don't remember the ratios anymore, but it was made with Samuel Gawith Blue Crest, Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast, and Old Mill Pumpernickel Toast. It was so good, I ordered more provisions and mixed up six ounces of it. I used it relentlessly until I started to burn out on it, then stuck the remainders in an amber bottle, wrapped the cap in electrical tape, triple bagged it and buried it in the icebox. This fall we moved, and I remember moving it from the old icebox to the new icebox, but I promptly forgot all about ut. Again. Tonight I was getting myself a bowl of ice cream, and saw the bag... shining with the glow if seven suns. It's even better with age. I started thinking about other good mixes I've done, like Viking Dark with SS Cafe Noire, and thought I'd start a thread where we can all share our successes (and failures) at mixing up snuff cocktails. And... GO!


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