Stg. de Kralingse

I recently ordered and yesterday received 6 boxes of snuff from de Kralingse.  The ordering process was excellent and shipping from Netherlands to the NorthWest US was 2 weeks which was expected.

I had been looking forward to trying their recognizable semi-transparent tap boxes.  I don't know if they were out of stock or moving away from those entirely but they're gone from the website.  Instead, what I got were six little brown plastic coffins with a look and feel rather like bakelite.  I'm pretty sure they're ABS or HDPE but bakelite is what comes to mind.  They'll come in handy later for storage of small parts, cuff links, survival kits, ammo, whatever.  Four of my six contained 20 grams each, the other two held 17.5 grams.  No time was wasted in cutting a few of them open to sample a pinch.  The grind on all three that I've so far opened is what I would call coarse, though the descriptions from others describe them as medium-coarse.  Moisture content is present but rather on the dry side. 

Pompadour is amazing. It starts out like an SP which was expected.
But then the clove kicks in to very gently usurp the throne and lead the
SP around by the hand like a doddering old pomander. There's
lemon also, noticeable but just lurking around in
the shadows.  Later as the clove and bergamot fade is when the lemon begins to shine.  The process takes a good half hour so if you're a frequent snuffer, I suggest you give this one time to develop.  With it's complexity and layering of flavors, I believe Willy Wonka may have had a hand in developing this one.

is just what it says. Like if your nose were made of oven and someone
is baking cookies in it. Just lovely and filled with sweet childhood
memories, including some that aren't yours.

I opened
and sampled the Chococreme as well but my schnozz was already
delightfully full of ginger and cloves, so had to wait on that one!  I've had several doses of Chococreme while typing this and it's very much like a cup of hot cocoa on a winter day.  The chocolate fades first, then the cream, leaving the warmth of the latakia  which continues to glow for some time.
  I've never been a huge fan of latakia in the pipe.  It's okay but easily overdone.  As a snuff base, I believe I like it very much, thank you! 

I read somewhere that the latakia used by de Kralingse is not actual latakia but a blend of other leaves designed to approximate it.  If that's the case, I don't really care.  It's good stuff regardless.

It was completely by accident that the three snuffs I've so far tried all seem fit for a mid-winter / solstice holiday theme.  It's the first of March and where I am, spring has been upon us for a few weeks already.  A part of me feels I should seal these boxes up and put them away until snow returns.  That's not going to happen.  I'm going to enjoy these now and re-order next autumn. 

I still have three more boxes to open.  Macuba, Mettaijer, and Choco.  As much as I want to dig into these, I think I'll wait a while and work on the ones that are already open.



  • Mark_StinsonMark_Stinson Administrator
    Excellent reviews of each snuff.  :-)

    Mark Stinson
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Member, Moderator
    Great reviews! I've been planning on eventually ordering direct from MDK. How much was shipping, if you don't mind me asking?
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