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I picked up my lust for snuff by reading fantasy fiction, especially Terry Pratchett books. and since Denmark is not a country where you can buy snuff over the counter, I looked at the Danish snuff website, they had very limited selection, but thy had Moro moro and from first Sniff I was hooked. Sir Walter Scott ( Johnny Scott) is a remarkable snuff maker, and I am in awe of all the products I have tried to this day.


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  • Hehe Mark_Stinson Sir Walter Scott's fine border snuff is the company and brand name, it's written on all the different snuffs, but now my big question is which one did you actually try.
  • The Moro Moro is a semi course snuff, that tastes of blood orange, Bergamont and lemon, it also has a delicious pungent tobacco bass, it is an excellent snuff.
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    SWS Thrice Brewed and Creme De Figue are both desert island snuffs for me, and at least one of them is included in each international order I place.
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