Why Not More Women Snuff-Takers?

Cigarettes, for a variety of reasons, came to dominate among tobacco users, and continue to dominate. Alternatives to cigarettes (pipes, snus, snuff, chew, cigars, dip, etc.) have surges as anti-smoking laws have developed and expanded. But, it certainly feels like many many more men have moved towards the alternatives than women. I understand with chewing and dipping, why the women a enormously under-represented. 

But, are their identifiable causes of why such a high percentage of snuff-takers are men?


Girl Snuffing 2  Girl Using Snuff
Mark Stinson


  • I wold guess that most women, like most men are never exposed to snuff. Even among men snuff is a very fringe activity. Less exposure equals less use. If snuff ever goes truly "mainstream" you would likely see more women taking up the habit. (You would also see governments tax the crap out of it.) 
     From personal experience both of my daughters have tried it and can't get past the sneezing and pain phase to learn to sniff properly. My wife won't even try it, says she can't put things up her nose.  
    Plus with snuff you are fighting the image of snorting cocaine. Unfortunately we live in a society that equates sniffing a powder up your nose and drug use.  

    Snus in pretty much any country outside of Sweden and Norway is unheard of. Although in those two countries female snus use is a significant number, Mini portions are targeted to women. In America oral tobacco for women is still socially frowned upon. I don't see that changing anytime soon, especially with all the anti tobacco propaganda being pushed out on a almost daily basis.
  • Mark_StinsonMark_Stinson Administrator
    Good analysis.  

    Snus use in America has picked up, with General being available in a lot of convenience stores.  And with Camel and Marlboro having snus choices available in convenience stores now.  But, I think you are correct that oral tobacco use in America will likely never cross over to women, despite the lack of mess with snus.

    This same post over on Facebook elicited responses that focused in on brown snot.  It was suggested that men don't mind blowing their nose and seeing their snuff, but that this experience would be a barrier to women making a move to snuff in the rare instances where they might actually hear about it.  I agree with this.  But, I think the results of blowing your nose are sort of gross whatever color comes out.  :-)

    Mark Stinson
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