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When you come to a new message board, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out all the features.  This post will list some of the features, and tell you how to use them.

REGISTERING USING FACEBOOK OR TWITTER PROFILES:  The message board will accept Facebook or Twitter profiles as a way to register on the board.  If you have not registered yet, you can click on the Facebook, Twitter, or Open ID icons and after you enter just a few lines of information your registration request is sent in for approval.

DETAILED PROFILE:  Underneath your username in the left-hand sidebar, you'll see a little gear.  Just click on this and choose "edit profile."  You can add the kinds of tobacco you like to use, how long you've been using snuff, your first name, your hometown, and you can add your phone number and a website if you want.  If you don't have a website, you could even enter your facebook profile web-address in the website space so that other members can find you on Facebook easily.  It is up to you.

SIGNATURE LINE:  While you are editing your profile, if you look in the left-hand sidebar you'll see a link to "signature settings."  You can create a signature that appears beneath all of your posts on the message board.  You can also choose to never see other people's signatures, or to never see signatures while browsing from a mobile device, or to show signatures without any images included.  It is all there for you to configure your own experience on the message board.

NOTIFICATIONS:  Also in the editing profile mode, you'll see a "Notifications" link in the left-hand sidebar.  This is again very very configurable to how you want to be notified.  You can be notified only when you visit the board or you can receive emails.  Its up to you.

PROFILE PHOTO:  This is also in the editing profile mode, and a link you'll find in the left-hand sidebar.  It accepts images up to 2 MB in size.

LIKING POSTS:  Next to every post on the board is a "like" button.  If you like what someone is saying or want to show that you agree with them, you can simply click this "like" button.  The amount of "likes" that have been clicked within a specific discussion are listed next to each discussion in the discussions list.  There are no badges, or awards, or even a tally of "likes" you can look up for an individual member.  The "like" system is fairly simple and bare-bones, but it is a good way to show your appreciation for a post you enjoyed.  

SHARING POSTS ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER:  Below each individual comment on the message board, there is a Facebook and Twitter icon that allows you to share a link to that specific post on Facebook or Twitter.  Sort of cool if you really love a post you find on the message board.

IMAGE UPLOADING:  When you are posting, you can upload photos very easily.  In the editing button bar, just look on the far left for the image icon.  You click that button, and browse to the photo you want to upload from your computer of device.  If you just want to insert a photo in your post that is already hosted somewhere on-line, look for an image icon that is 5th from the right in the editing buttons.  When you click this, it asks for a URL, and you are in business.

MOBILE VERSION:  The mobile version of this website is very simple, quick to load, and is focused on navigating the most recent discussions.  And, if you want the full version on your phone or tablet, scroll to the bottom and click on the "full version" link.  It is always available to you with that simple step.

There may be other features that I've forgotten to mention.  And you may have questions.  So, please feel free to ask about a feature or make suggestions.  


Mark Stinson
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