This is YOUR Message Board

This is YOUR message board.  What does this mean?  

It means, this message board is independent.  It exists to promote communication between snuff-takers.  It exists to provide resources and information for snuff-takers.  That's it.

We're not owned or paid for by any snuff-maker or snuff-vendor.  We're not part of any organization, trade or otherwise.  We want this message board to serve those that participate here.

So, we'd love your suggestions and ideas.  We'd like to know when something is really working, and when it is really not.  Things are flexible here.  If we need a new category...we'll add it.  If we need to change something about the layout...we'll work on it.  There are no sacred cows here.

We can't promise we'll do every single thing that is suggested, but we can promise to listen and try to do the best things for everyone who participates here.


Mark Stinson
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