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The Modern Snuff website is dedicated to the history, use, and future of nasal snuff tobacco.  While at one time snuff tobacco was the most popular method of enjoying tobacco, today's snuff-takers are a part of a small sub-culture.  There are indications that the use of snuff tobacco is increasing, but snuff-takers are still a tiny minority among tobacco users.  Our goal, is to provide information and resources to all snuff-takers, old and new alike, in order to keep the traditions and knowledge surround snuff use alive and well.


Toward that end, the Modern Snuff effort is made up of a resource website, a blog, a Facebook group, and this message board.  These four elements make up the Modern Snuff effort.  This is a community-based effort, and we welcome your input, comments, and suggestions.  If you have information that you believe would make a good addition to our efforts, please share it.  If you see somewhere we've stated something incorrectly, please help us make it right.  If you want to be a bigger part of the effort, please volunteer and let us know how you'd like to help.

But, back to the matter at hand.  You've found the Modern Snuff Message Board.  If you haven't registered yet, please do.  Once you've registered, go to your email and verify it by clicking the link in the email you receive from this site.  We will then get you approved and up-and-running on the message board as quickly as possible.  Some of you may like to lurk, and that's alright off course.  But, jump in when you can.  Post something interesting now and again.  Comment on topics that catch your interest.  And feel free to click the "Like" button on comments that you enjoyed.

We have a few simple guidelines for the board:

1. REMAIN, FIRST AND FORMOST, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Before posting, consider your words, your tone, and the impact your words will have on those that read them.  It is good to avoid topics that can tempt many people to become impolite, such as politics, religion, etc.  

2. START A CONVERSATION WITH EACH OF YOUR POSTS. Share things you are proud of, ask questions, and start conversations. If you are posting a link, video, meme, or other image, explain why you are sharing it and use your post to start some sort of discussion.

3. ADVERTISING LINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED. A link to a sales page that does not start a conversation is essentially spam. If you are posting a link to a commercial site or page, post interesting information along with it. Again, start a conversation. Advertisement posts that don't start a conversation will be removed.

And we certainly hope you enjoy the message board with a pinch of snuff in your snoot.  



Mark Stinson
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