Old Mill Artisan Snuff

Artisan snuffs are rarely a new snuff-takers first snuff experience.  Most of the time, a first time snuff-taker is trying a snuff that he has found in a local store.  Even if a first-time snuff-taker is using a snuff he/she has ordered on-line, most of time they have ordered a mainstream commercial snuff.  Artisan snuffs are normally made in relatively small quantities by an individual, small group of individuals, or a family.  They bring a great amount of personal attention to their product.  One such Artisan Snuff maker can be found at Old Mill Artisan Snuff.    


Old Mill Artisan Snuff is made by Chef Daniel.  After years and years in the culinary field, the good Chef turned his attention to snuff-making.  The menu on his website has a large number of snuffs, showing an immense amount of creativity, and all are described in poetic detail.

Chef Daniel refuses to set up a web-store for his snuff, and has declined every offer he has received to sell his snuff through the on-line snuff vendors.  I asked him why once, and he told me that he enjoys selling to real people.  He doesn't want the impersonal experience of receiving automated orders, and mailing his snuff to strangers.  Part of joy he gets from making snuff, is the contact he has with the people who use his snuff.

If you spend any time at all on a snuff message board or discussion group, you will hear people raving about Old Mill Snuff.  If you are interested in trying it, simply go to the website, and send Chef Daniel a message.  He'll send you a price list, if you ask.  And when you choose the snuffs you want from his menu, you simply let him know which snuffs and in what sized containers, and he'll send you an invoice.  You then pay him on PayPal, and he ships you your order.

He's a great guy.  So, get to know him and engage him in conversation.  You won't be sorry.  :-)

Mark Stinson


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